For the next three months, anyone flying out of San Francisco to Calgary using WestJet will be part of the airline’s commitment to helping the environment.

That’s because all of WestJet’s flights between the two destinations will be running on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).

“We are thrilled that WestJet will be the first Canadian air carrier to operate a dedicated flight route using SAF,” said Angela Avery, WestJet Group’s executive vice-president and chief people, corporate and sustainability officer in a release.

Avery says the move is “an integral step” toward making Canada’s aviation sector more environmentally friendly.

“WestJet is committed to working alongside our partners to reduce our environmental footprint as we aim to drive greater awareness for the importance of a SAF ecosystem in Canada,” she said.

The SAF is manufactured by Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable fuels. WestJet says it has purchased enough supply from the company to fuel 40 flights.

Use of the fuel is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 186 tons, the company says.

“Sustainable aviation fuel is the fastest, most effective means we have to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from air travel. Neste is ready to play its part to support the Canadian industry’s aspirational goal of 10 per cent SAF use by 2030,” said Neste’s executive vice-president of renewable aviation Thorston Lange.

He adds the company has been supplying the San Francisco International Airport with SAF since 2020 and welcomes the interest from WestJet.

“It is exciting that we are also supplying Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel to WestJet at the airport, enabling passengers to lower their carbon footprint from air travel,” Lange said.

The decision to fly on SAF is part of WestJet’s commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. It says its SAF Destination program is the first of its kind in Canada.

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