Ethiopian Airlines Group, Africa’s largest aviation group, instituted a new pilot training center in the city of Hawassa on February 4. This new facility becomes the airline’s second training center in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Aviation Academy (EAA) has been providing aviation training services at its base campus in Addis Ababa for nearly 60 years. It has trained pilots from over 52 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, so the inauguration of a new center will enable it to accommodate more students.


The center features different types of classrooms, three training simulators, three aircraft parking and workshop hangars, dorm rooms for trainees and instructors, a cafeteria, and sports fields for various disciplines. The academy currently offers accredited training programs for Commercial Pilot Licenses with Instrument and Multi-engine ratings and Multi-crew Pilot Licenses (MPL).

Ethiopian Aviation Academy – A self-sufficient program

For many airlines worldwide, establishing their own training academies contributes to their success, and the same is evident for Ethiopian Airlines Group. The existence of its training academy has made the organization self-sufficient in meeting its demands for pilots, cabin crew, and other staff. Aspiring Ethiopian Airlines pilots start to learn the airline’s values from the moment they enroll.

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The school has highly experienced flight and ground training instructors, and its state-of-the-art center has fully equipped simulators, aircraft, and computer-based training rooms. As the only African airline that runs the MPL program, EAA provides Multi-crew Pilot training for various airlines based on their recommendations and operating procedures.

Hawassa is 170 miles (273 km) south of Addis Ababa and is known for its rich history. The airline is happy to have a non-central aviation academy to help more people achieve their flying dreams. Ethiopian Airlines Group CEO Mesfin Tasew said in a statement;

We are truly happy to see the inauguration of our Aviation Academy’s second training center in Hawassa. As Africa’s giant in the aviation industry, we are determined to reach more people who dream of becoming aviation professionals and enrich our continent with qualified personnel who will take Africa’s aviation to the next level. From the day it has been established more than six decades back, our aviation academy has been producing the best aviation professionals who are competitive at a global level. With our second training center open now, more trainees will have the chance to realize their dreams and that is a huge achievement for us.”

He added that apart from the basic aviation courses, the training center will offer various customer service and leadership training for customers in Hawassa and other southern states, contributing to their success.

Education and experience rolled in one

It is not a secret that aviation is the most exciting career in the world. Many aviation professionals have said, “You do not work a day in your life.” Although a pilot is the first position that comes to mind when aviation is mentioned, there are numerous equally exciting opportunities on the ground. As IATA puts it, “There are few professions in the world today as exciting as selling travel. It is an education and experience rolled in one.”

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Apart from paving the way for future pilots, Ethiopian Airlines Academy provides ground and office service training, including cargo handling, aircraft maintenance, ticketing, sales, cabin crew, and catering. With a worldwide transportation network, it generates economic growth and employment opportunities and promotes regional trade and tourism.

EAA graduates leave the school with the knowledge and skills to excel in their respective fields. Pilots are specially trained to operate specific aircraft until they prove competent in all possible flying scenarios, allowing them to respond actively in a real air crisis. Ethiopian Airlines Academy continues to train crew for various airlines in line with its vision of becoming the most competitive and leading aviation training center in Africa by 2025.

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