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Becoming an Aviator is one of the most exciting accomplishments you can make. No matter if you just want to gain a new skill or if you are looking to make a new career for yourself, learning to become a pilot is a life changing experience.  At Aviation Monthly.com we like to provide our readers with all the latest and most up to date information.

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There is a tremendous need for qualified pilots in many fields, from aircraft transport to commercial airlines and commercial flight carriers. Qualified pilots are also in short supply of air ambulances and qualified instructors.

Becoming a licensed Aviator can be a life-changing experience as well as rewarding financially and just plain FUN

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Answers From a Professional Aviation Operator

What is the difference between an Aviator and a Pilot? They seem to be the same description.
Answer: A pilot operates the flight controls of an aircraft and is also known as an aviator but there are other positions in a cockpit that do not directly fly the aircraft and they are also classified as Aviators.

Anastasia Valencia
As a lawyer I like to fly but I am not sure buying my own aircraft is practical.
Answer: There are also alternatives that include rental as well as fractional ownership. If it is important to you to have some control over the aircraft, then a partnership or fractional ownership might be the answer.
Ernesto Gunter
I am a licensed pilot, and I am considering taking the ATP course but don’t know if I really need to.
Answer: If you are just an occasional pilot and do not have any ambition of entering the industry in a commercial way then it is not necessary, of course any additional training you get is worthwhile but not al of it is necessary for your use.
armando valencia
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